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Who we are

"a story hanging by a thread"

In our life, weinherited this story, that’s no tour heritage only, but whose roots come from our huge, deep, precious and important tradition. Nowdays we want to join our energie sto continue and carry on the living of artisanal knowledge, a continuous research towards quality made of yarns and design. Fuonded in 1895 as Spinning mill, cyclically generations and new explorations have alternated keeping up with the evolving context. Creativity of his protagonists signed important steps, heritage for the Tessitura and support for the continuity of our work.

Nicki Colombo

"The tradition of accessories"

The initial intuition of a line of accessories and knitwear focusing on excellence is by Pino Colombo; born from a situation of "crisis" caught in a visionary way: a potential that still lives today. A garment tailored to each one emphasize person’s appearance! Research is fundamental and always goes on. It’s starting with yarns, continues with an accurate design and after that both classical and modern models are realized. We focus on colour research, on style and manifacturing quality.

Tessitura La Colombina

"Our past is our future"

The weaving project comes from the desire to give value to something existing: our story! Restoring and updating our historical handlooms to “handloom 2.0”, has been the first step together with research and the study of weaves. Initially weaving classic fabrics, taking inspiration from our historical archive, to reach more innovative weaves/fabrics. Thanks to the crativity and to the experimentation we put in our fabrics, they are now a constant presence at the fashion shows in Paris.

Collaborations and participations

Origin Passion and Beliefs

The showroom of excellence of Italian manufacturing companies


The unmissable event of the Milan Fashion Week

La via della Lana

Event that for some years brings together history and memory, past and future, work and beauty


Conference for the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Bauhaus organized by Rurart in the premises of Spazio Colombo.

Liliana Milani

“The beautiful things are those that last over time”

Elidiano Zuccato

Eclectic figure of tailoring "tailoring"


International community of entrepreneurs in the textile and clothing sector

Rigenerarte – Unis&f

A project involves the productive enterprise and the world of creativity with international artists

Patrizia Polese - Weaving school

Artist always looking for a common language between things