Tessitura La Colombina

A story
connected by a thread

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Carlo and Mario

A story connected by a thread

Tessitura La Colombina has its roots going back through four generations, combining two fundamental principles: innovation and dedication. Today, the two brothers Carlo and Mario have taken on this inheritance. What unites them is the deep conviction that they are continuing a history and a company that revives “the craftsman’s knowledge” every day, while looking to the future. The choice is that of adding continual research to the weaving tradition, the real strength of Made in Italy.

The yarns

Choosing quality

The selection of the yarn is a philosophy for us. Research, innovation and experimenting meet together in the continual definition of the quality we choose for the products we create. Precious yarn and “long” fibres for example, such as cashmere, merinos wool, silk and flax, selected carefully and renewed at every collection.

The looms

Hand looms and attention to detail

The wooden looms from the mid-1800s are the heart of our firm; come into to the courtyard and listen to the sound: it is like hearing a heartbeat. There are 14 “orthogonal” hand-looms, which came into the company thanks to the foresight of our grandmother Erina, who wanted to introduce them shortly after the war. We work with our looms to make sure something is not lost and working at the slower pace which we have chosen to produce our textiles today.

The know-how and manual dexterity have always been a distinct part of our history for the care and finishing of textiles and garments. We have chosen to continue the commitment of passing on all this world to the new generations, so that they can fall in love with it too.