The company

Innovation in craftsmanship

We are a company with a spirit of craftsmanship

Tessitura La Colombina was born as a craftsman’s workshop where keeping up with the times meant combining design, research and know-how; this is what we want to continue. We need to understand and interpret every change to bring a gust of novelty and freshness to our creations, our creative contribution, our way of innovating.

Our premises are situated in the context of a territory with a long and great tradition of weaving, in Badoere in the district of Treviso.

Our passion is to be able to offer personalisation, consultancy services and attention to detail in the craftsmanship of brands for international fashion and independent companies; it is part of our DNA. We feel we are part of a system of a multiplicity of companies of different sizes and characteristics: this for us is the richness of a network which combines the culture of the territory and the typicality of its products. La Colombina, historically founded as a spinning mill, over time has known how to approach the different needs of the market, solidly maintaining today the characteristic production of textiles and garments Made in Italy.

Since 1895

Our history

Tessitura La Colombina began spinning silk in 1895 with Angelo Colombo and later became a producer of textiles, with the introduction of hand-looms from the Nineteenth Century. A history rich in numerous changes and experiences: knitting, the creation of accessories and then again the introduction of knitting machines, innovative for the times, while manufacturing a variety of textiles. Experimentation and research at every step, passed down from generation to generation each with its own specific identity. Today, thanks to the particular properties of the hand-loom and the possibility of personalisation which it offers, we are able to research into and produce high-fashion textiles focusing on the use of natural yarns such as cashmere, silk and precious wools as well as rediscovering native wools.


Our past is our future

The spirit of Tessitura La Colombina is to keep our historical know-how alive and continue making it present. Our working looms are a patrimony of the territory, and of the authentic Made in Italy. The production of “hand-made products” which we promote is “slower” and allows us to realise a unique article. We believe that this typical way of producing cloth will always be in fashion and has a growing market. For us, everything is a result of a culture which combines the tradition of a wooden loom with new ways of thinking about how to use it. Innovation itself evolves as a sort of “school” in which we see ourselves as leaders for those who want to get to know this world.

Made in Italy

The value of expert craftsmanship

Carlo and Mario have chosen to continue following the path of talented craftsmanship, first taken four generations ago, and to maintain it in their production. The research into quality through the study of the best fibres, innovation in design and the attention to finishing: all this concurs in the care taken in the projects for the collections. A fundamental value is the choice of producing locally, which expresses and supports the true Made in Italy and which is enriched by a network of historical suppliers and producers in and around Treviso.