Made in Italy
and innovations

The value of top craftsmanship

Made in Italy, is synthesis and geniality: it is fantasy and intuition, skills and know-how which are passed on from generation to generation. The synthesis and expression of the DNA of a territory, of a culture, where continuous research begun locally can take off and speak an international language. It is the heart of our know-how, the truly made in Italy, in all its stages. For us it means being part of a network of small and large centres of excellence united by a subtle thread. Innovation is style, a mix of taste and creativity, a reinterpretation of the craftsman’s know-how and the sensitivity to understand and read the changes and sometimes even anticipate them.

The craftsman’s hands

Working by hand, details of the stitching, phases leading to cure of the finished products and the use of hand-looms for creating textiles. Paper for taking notes and passing on information, from the original idea to its creation and then work on the manual machines. The taste of top craftsmanship, a know-how enriched generation after generation and in continual growth. In their production, Carlo and Mario keep their long history of craftsmanship alive, focusing on attention to detail and the study of the best fibres, maintaining local production and supporting the choice of 100% Made in Italy. They have selected a network of suppliers and processers in the Treviso area with Italian know-how.

Antique knowledge that is renewed in production and working, starting from tradition, coming from the past but still contemporary and representative of future production for market niches and growing with national and international horizons. Rich experience matured over decades of processing and production has meant that talent has been formed and grown within Tessitura La Colombina so that today we can offer a wide service of design and creation in exclusive collaboration for special collections or special projects. This is backed up with the possibility of working on commission for particular personalisation that is completely made to measure.