Two souls for a single history

The collections, the rhythm of innovation

The collections express the creativity of the two brothers Carlo and Mario Colombo and the two brands that have grown up over the decades: Tessitura La Colombina and Nicki Colombo. Rich in ideas, never banal, changing from season to season. Research into unusual stitches, wefts, colour combinations, choice of shapes and yarns. Everything stems from a sound knowledge of the world of textiles, fruit of the development of generations of collections combined with elegant and cherished designs.

Tessitura La Colombina

Weaving by hand, creative realisations

Carlo realises textiles with the antique, historical family looms, which he has restored, adding some innovations. The idea of weaving came from the desire to give value to something which was already there: history. To see a loom, adjust it and update it to “hand-loom 2.0”. Research and ideas for continual innovation together with the study of stitches, the matching of colours and yarns which are always being renewed. Unique textiles, which feel different to the touch: wefts which are enriched with creativity from one generation to the next, changes made precious with inserts of yarn, ribbons and different materials. All this to enrich our leading-edge “library of timeless textiles” which expands with each new collection.

“The past is our present”

Carlo Colombo

Nicki Colombo

Accessories, expressions of personality

Mario produces special coloured, cherished collections of knitted accessories in precious cashmere, silk and quality wools. Each collection expresses an original taste, the fruit of research and collaboration between designers with decades of know-how alongside the freshness that a new generation brings, where everything comes together in the heart of the style. A vision of interlacing and experimentation of stitches that take off from Badoere for an international horizon. Each piece is the fruit of the union of “timeless classics” combined with new forms and variations of contemporary styles.

“The tradition of accessories”

Mario Colombo

Designs and exclusive products

Custom design

We take a design from its conception and follow the choice of yarns and research into materials: “design textiles” which mirror the characteristics of a design and a brand. All this culminates in creations with that something extra. The “feel” of something made with a hand-loom cannot be equalled. The versatility towards change and the insertion of fibres of different thicknesses or special, unexpected materials at each step. The flexibility of producing small quantities of garments or just a few metres of exclusive, precious textiles.

“We have a deep love for our heritage, which is the keystone of our work”

The Colombo Brothers