The looms

A renewed tradition

Our know-how

Know-how in working and dexterity in manual movements. Care taken over finishing and explicit attention paid to the quality, which can be seen in the direct checks made at every stage, experience which is kept alive.

In the specific role linked to weaving, ability is directly connected to the experience matured and is something which, apart from a person’s greater or lesser predisposition, is acquired in the field.

Our wish is that of being able to pass on and renew that history and tradition that characterized our peninsular up to the mid-1900s. The culture of the hand loom, apparently antique but in reality the base of today’s processes, with increasing interest in technology, must be preserved as it still allows us to make creations that more modern looms are unable to achieve.


Weaving 2.0

The looms with which our textiles are produced are a precious inheritance. Orthogonal looms with frames from the mid-1800s, put back into working order in 2012 from an idea of Carlo’s, to give life to the concept of “weaving 2.0” . Overhauled and renewed with the introduction of details to bring them up-to-date such as led lights to make working by hand easier. Studied and “rediscovered” in all their potential, with a system, for example which allows a reverse gear in the creation of the weft. An antique instrument always in fashion, seen through new eyes.


The process

On our premises we relive all the most important steps of the antique process of weaving, revived everyday with new techniques and experimentation. Machinery such as the spooler, warping mill and looms of different sizes and characteristics. Wooden shuttles, frames and different “combs” are our basic instruments to create up-to-date textiles and accessories. This is what makes the heart of Tessitura La Colombina continue to beat today.