Our textiles

Expressions of creativity

The synthesis of all our history and our company are the textiles. An ancestral product, apparently simple, which is the expression of a journey. Each textile has its own history and inspiration, from its conception and study to its realisation. We love creating textiles that are part of the idea of “timelessness”, choosing precious yarns such as merinos wool, silk and cashmere with great care that add value to the peculiar characteristics of the hand-loom.

Every textile is the synthesis of an inspiration which has been realised, resulting in ever new emotions.

With a hand-loom, the experience of the weaver is transferred directly onto the textile. Interlacing and shots, the beat of the pedal which marks the cadence of each weft, one centimetre after another. Personalisation, strength, character, the feel of the textile transmits the unique, living touch. Over the years, experience has brought us to choose from the “worlds” of textiles, as if they were main roads to follow, so that our selections range from classical to creative and even “avantgarde” textiles.

Hand made

Classical textiles

Timeless style, excellent products
The certainty of knowing where you are

“Fashion passes, style remains”

Coco Chanel

Hand made

Creative textiles

Style which explores, experimentation with yarns and colour combinations.
The inspiration where you can enjoy yourself elegantly.

“The way I mix prints and textiles may seem disconcerting, but I want them to give life to new ideas and new combinations.”

Jean-Paul Gaultier

Hand made

Avant-garde textiles

Styles that break the rules, unexpected figures and unusual inserts, colours which “clash”. Lose yourself to find yourself.

“You will have a more interesting life if you wear striking clothes.”

Vivienne Westwood