Raw material

Yarns, the first choice of quality

For us, yarns make up a store which has grown over the years and decades and which are renewed each season, with deeper understanding, experimentation and confirmation. The attention paid to innovation to safeguard sustainable production is a choice we make every time. Research and quality are our fundamental choices: long precious yarns such as cashmere, merinos wool, silk and flax. These are the raw materials from which our textiles and garments originate, entirely realised by hand.


Animal fibres

Animal fibres consist of proteins and are taken from the hairs of the fleece of certain mammals among them sheep, camels and goats, or they can be obtained from the long threads produced by silk worms. The fibres derived from animal hairs, their natural body coat, have extraordinary properties such as shine, elasticity and warmth.

Cashmere, mohair, different silks and merinos wool along with native Italian varieties of wools, are the animal fibres which we prefer in our production processes.


Vegetable fibres

Vegetable fibres for weaving are those derived from the essential parts of certain plants: the stem, phloem, and leaves are processed and belong to the category of natural fibres, consisting fundamentally of cellulose. Their principal properties are resistance, durability and freshness.

Cotton and biological cotton, flax, hemp, nettle and bamboo are the vegetable fibres which always offer notable inspiration for creativity.


Creative elements

The hand-loom offers inspiration at every shot, every “beat”. Each textile is made unique by its mix of particular threads, colour combinations and different thicknesses which give it its cadence. There are highlights thanks to metal threads, sequins and Lurex and special working processes with velvet, chains and strips of leather. Weaving as an “art”, creating wefts one by one, each with its own personality.

Other yarns