14 October 2022

Tessitura La Colombina present at “Le Città Effimere” at Edit Napoli 2022

“The Ephemeral Cities” exhibit was recently presented at Edit Napoli, a project that stands out thanks to its research principles and clever connection of ideas, knowledge and experience.

Collaborating closely with the Monogramma team and the textile artist Patrizia Polese, we created three suspended or self-supporting tapestries that are entirely handmade. Unique pieces – no two are ever the same – that create and separate space into flexible, changing, living dimensions.

The concept of these pieces originated as a result of a meeting between Alessia and Sabrina of Studio Monogramma, Patrizia Polese, and Carlo Colombo, and arose from a shared affinity for experimentation; trying new ways to create unique objects; true works of art that can be used as parts of daily life, in their own spaces.

Also taking part is Sandro Carraro, who was involved in the creation of the specialist woodworking found in the project.


The Ephemeral Cities exhibit was presented at Edit Napoli 2022 at the San Domenico Maggiore Monumental Complex.
Vico San Domenico Maggiore 18 – 80134 Naples

* Monogramma Studio is a team of people and professionals who can modify and remodel according to the needs of their clients, seeking to add value to each project, to offer maximum exclusivity.
* Patrizia Polese is an artist specialised in textile art, who regularly exhibits her work in private and group exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.

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